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Benefits of a Home Insulation - Heat Loss Infrared Survey

Don't shiver this winter!
Don't lose money because of poor insulation values!

Midwest Infrared Services is offering a complete Thermographic Infrared Survey Audit of your home or business. An Infrared Survey is the best way to find heat loss areas in and around your home and is endorsed by the U.S. Energy department as seen on the "Today" show 10-24-00.

Our state-of-the-art infrared imaging equipment will locate breezy areas, poorly insulated windows and doors, walls, ceilings and roofs, and electric outlets that are allowing cold air in and are allowing heat (money) to escape.

Stay warm this winter and save money on your heating bills!

Benefits of a Home Insulation - Heat Loss Infrared Survey
  Infrared image clearly shows cold air coming in on a poorly installed window and poorly applied sprayed on insulation.
Why perform Residential Home Insulation -
Heat Loss Infrared Survey
  • Locate heat escape from the roof, door jams, windows, vents, and more
  • Locate hot air in take through same areas from the interior of the building
  • Locate roof leak areas and moisture damaged roof deck
  • Home heat loss surveys greatly reduce overall heating and cooling costs
  • Present audit findings to potential buys or sellers of residential homes
  • Locate annoying breezy areas
  • Federal and state tax deduction
  • "R" Value "R" Value "R" Value
A full services report includes thermograms (infrared images) and correlating daytime photos and recommendations for repair of defect areas. For more information, please contact our office.
Infrared thermograms of various residencial home problems detected.
Infrared imaging detects these problems in residential homes, commercial buildings, and apartments and condominiums.
Insures attic vents are performing properly. Locate moisture intrusion around window framing. Easily finds doorways that require better weatherstripping.
Wood siding allowing heat to escape. Open windows allow a tremendous amount of heat to escape. Severe water intrusion can cause untold damage and promotes mold growth inside the structures.
Other Applications for Home Builder and Insulation Contractors
This view shows the SW corner. The Thermogram photo clearly shows cold air rushing in to the room. Also, notice the uneven application of foam. This view shows the base of the South wall. The dark area is cold air coming in from the floor up. The white areas on the floor are hot pipes underneath the wood planks. Also, the infrared Thermogram shows the insulation was applied unevenly.
Insure steam traps are clear Locate underground pipes Locate plumbing under wood floors
Locate plumbing behind walls Farmers Silo Cold air coming in from a newly insulated wall.
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